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GemVital gemstones blends

High quality natural gemstones in proven blends


red jasper, sodalite, agate, aventurine quartz, orange calcite

red jasper, sodalite, agate, aventurine quartz, orange calcite

For children and adolescent whose bodies are 70% water drinking is extremely important. Running, sweating, playing concentration - metabolism doesn’t work without sufficient drinking. With the GemVital gemstone water you can make regular dinking a very special event. Drinking will be “precious”.

The red jasper stands for liveliness, courage and dynamic. Sodalite for confidence and self-esteem. Orange calcite for growth, development and against inactivity. Agate for maturity, strength and realism. Aventurine for sound sleep, against nervousness and disappointment.

Provide a pitcher with pure gemstone water, remind you children to drink this special water regularly even give them a drinking bottle to take to every sporting endeavor. Sometimes colorful cups and straws help to encourage drinking.



Red chalcedony, moss agate

Red chalcedony, moss agate

Live happy and confidant in optimistic anticipation. Make the best out of your life. Drink our fresh gemstone water and experience the healthy and positive effect. Get the most out of drinking. Free your mind, flush out straining hurt, depression, grieve and everything that burdens you – it is simple with this healthy clear water. Drink abundantly for a great future.

Red chalcedony motivates to tackle plans with enthusiasm and vigor. Difficulties can be conquered, with courage and stamina everything will be easier. Moss agate frees from old constrains and connections, lets us be confidant, inspires to new initiative and look positive into the future. We let go of anxiety, burdens and mental pressure.

This is a gemstone combination for daily use that leads to positive thinking, health and happiness.


Happy moments

green opal, rock crystal

green opal, rock crystal

Our happy moments are our health, our family and our friends. As sources of our happiness we see contentment, safety and security. Drinking this noble opal-water, enjoying it is a happy moment full of vigor. The opal is changing its colour in the water. The transfer of the power is clearly visible. Opal is the stone of life, enjoyment, cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Rock crystal intensifies and stabilizes this happiness through optimism and purity.

Drink in the morning, before and after meals and before bedtime. Stay healthy and happy.



Emerald, rock crystal

Emerald, rock crystal

Fatigue, exhaustion, loss of stamina, physical and mental burn out? Rest and regeneration to reestablish your effectiveness is in order. Sleep, recovery, relaxing and drinking gemstone water are essential steps in a convalescence to regain your stamina. Our gemstone water is at the center of a change to a healthy diet.

In many cultures and religions the genuine, special and rare emerald is viewed as the stone of reincarnation, upraising and renewal of life. Rock crystal strengthens the effect of our gemstone water. Drink real emerald gemstone water for relaxation and to regenerate used up powers.


Water pleasure

Coral, sodalite, rock crystal

Coral, sodalite, rock crystal

Not only drink water, drink water right. Detox your body. Leave out alcohol and caffeine. Don’t fill your cells with toxins. Learn to appreciate the natural gift of water in all its forms, dew, rain, spring. Be aware that all life came out of water.

Rock crystal stands for clearness and energy, sodalite for correct water balance of the body and natural thirst. Coral for rebirth and purity. Drink, drink a lot of this gemstone water and watch your body revive.


Confidence & balance

orange agate, jade

orange agate, jade

Who am I? Develop your personality, seek a healthy natural self-esteem. Steer your biochemical regulation system through regular and sufficient drinking. Bring your self-esteem to a healthy balance with our gemstone water. Find your way back to who you are by drinking water with these particular gemstones.

The orange agate and jade gemstones are top quality, unique and authentic. Drinking this water lets you find your self-esteem. You are more open, curious and will lose your anxieties through a new found confidence. You are more fit and healthy. See orange agate and jade gemstone water with its strong and unique emanation as a source for your confidence and a balance between mind and body.



lapis lazuli, love arrows, rock crystal

lapis lazuli, love arrows, rock crystal

You are looking for an idea? You want to make changes? You are hoping for divine inspiration? Let yourself be charmed by this gemstone water of the highest order. Drink pure energy and vigor. Let your life be inspired.

Extraordinary stones give this gemstone water a special note. Lapis lazuli enhances creativity, divine inspiration and enlightenment. Love arrow for clear thinking, positive impulses and solutions. Rock crystal helps to stabilize this effects. Drink this gemstone water with its robust taste for energy, joy and love.


Slim & flexible

magnesite, rock crystal, red jasper

magnesite, rock crystal, red jasper

With a healthy diet, sport and ample pure gemstone water your metabolism works at optimum level.

Magnesite for relaxation and weight loss, rock crystal for vitality and stability. Red jasper for vigor and change. This gemstone mix surprises with its robust taste and helps with a healthier lifestyle.


Gratefulness & contentment

snowflake obsidian, fluorite

snowflake obsidian, fluorite

Being grateful is one of the most precious and essential feeling one can have. Even in negative times it is uplifting to remember the things we can be grateful for. Drink the water that nature so generously provides with a sense of gratefulness.

Strengthen your mental health, live better and more content by this natural means. Drink this water five times a day and you can be happier, less stressed or depressed. You learn to think positive and sleep better.

Obsidian a glass stone developed form lava with its snowflake enclosures leads to a more conscious feeling of gratefulness. Fluorite, one of the strongest healing stones, functions as a freeing agent for body and mind so we can develop new thinking and behavior. Drinking this water with gratefulness and contentment is a gift to our wellness and health.


5-element blend

rose quartz, amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, ocean jasper

rose quartz, amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, ocean jasper

This gemstones blend was specifically chosen backed by and according to far eastern philosophies. The five elements wood, fire, metal, water and earth stand for the five stations of human life - birth, growth, creativity, enjoyment of life and retirement.

Rose quartz stands for vitality and love, amethyst for inner peace and relaxation. Chalcedony stands for social communication, petrified wood for down to earth sentiment, peace and contentment. Ocean jasper stands for renewal and regeneration.

This gemstone water should give you strength for everyday life but also fun and enjoyment. Experience contentment in good health. Drink it daily for a positive attitude towards life.


Skin care

aventurine quartz, amethyst, rock crystal

aventurine quartz, amethyst, rock crystal

Cosmetics for the skin on the outside is well known but real skin care comes from the inside. Water, sleep, diet, sport and outdoor activity.

Our gemstone water “skin care” is an important part in this. Our skin is one of the most important organs of our organism. Only ten minutes after drinking this gemstone water your skin can show improvement. Oxygen levels rise, metabolism will be activated.

Aventurine improves metabolism and strengthens cellular connective tissue, Amethyst the immune system and rock crystal the health of your skin which by the way is 80% water. For healthy skin drink at least 1.5 l of gemstone water daily. Vitalize your skin with gemstone “skin care” water for a long lasting fresh complexion.


Developing energy

sun stone, chalcedony, moss agate

sun stone, chalcedony, moss agate

Over worked, stress, stagnation, rage, disappointment, blockage, burnout, no courage or power? That doesn’t have to be! Simply let it go. GemVital gemstone water helps to get you back on track. Drink plenty, breath deep and slow and feel the tension leave your body.

The sun stone strengthens your vigor, optimism and self-esteem. Chalcedony detoxes, moss agate frees blockage, helps relaxing and gives new energy. Let energy develop and flow with GemVital gemstone water.


Vital basic blend

rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst

rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst

This crystal blend has been known for decades. Every drop of water is saturated with the energy of clear pure crystal.

This gemstone water busts your vigor, ensures your health and helps prevent illness. If drank regularly GemVital gemstone water helps to withstand and adapt to environmental conditions by improving vitality.

Peace and concentration from the amethyst, vitality and strength from rock crystal, love and compassion from rose quartz. Pure clear water harmonizes these three important gemstones and makes it a pleasant, positive experience.


Starting the day

rock crystal, citrine, jade

rock crystal, citrine, jade

The first morning breath, the first ray of light, leaving the night behind! Start your day with GemVital “good morning” gemstone water in a good mood. Free your mind, begin your day, the future begins. Water is indispensable to life, enables your capability to take action and positively influences our day.

Rock crystal for freedom, spontaneity and clearness of mind. Citrine for vigor, enjoyment of life and against depression. Jade love and inner peace.



rose quartz, rock crystal

rose quartz, rock crystal

Inner balance and a harmonic relationship between mind and body is a worthwhile goal. Harmonie and feng shui, two terms that go hand in hand. Shui means water and as a carrier of the “breath of life” we want water of the highest order.

Rose quartz brings harmony, love and compassion. Rock crystal leads us to clarity, energy and a peaceful coexistence. This GemVital gemstone water energizes opposites to a harmonic power. It’s fascinating taste gives us inner peace.


Wellness & inner clarity

aquamarine, rock crystal, topaz

aquamarine, rock crystal, topaz

Detox, radiate positive energy from a slim healthy body with a new way of life. Drinking this GemVital gemstone water can detox your body. Away with the cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, junk food, breaded and fried foods. Water and water again combined with fruit, vegetables, lots of sleep and exercise will turn your life around. Not only does it detox your body, but your mind and soul by starting a new life with GemVital gemstone water.

Aquamarine for positive thinking and success, rock crystal for a healthy way of life and topaz for a goal orientated life style and wealth.

Drink lots of this water for a new life – well-being through physical and mental wealth.


Serenity and forgiveness

dumortierte, rodonite

dumortierte, rodonite

Drink this water with inner peace, contemplative and being in the present. Dink with the certainty of the natural health benefits of this water.

With this achieved calmness you gain the power to forgive, free yourself and lighten your soul for a healthy body.

The dumortierte promotes a positive serene state of mind and equips you with the energy to handle difficult situations with ease. The rodonite enhances this effect. It is the gemstone of reconciliation, understanding, mental clarity and prudence. This distinctive GemVital gemstone water has a gentle “take it easy” effect and if drunk regularly helps to achieve positive thinking through serenity and forgiveness.


Care & communication

jade, chalcedony

jade, chalcedony

Open your heart, find your way to drinking plenty of this GemVital gemstone water und with that the willingness to reflect on what is important - helping people, get involved, listen. This basic social behavior leads to interpersonal communication, to be part of things, to let others be part of your life.

Try to change your social activity by drinking this with chalcedony-jade blend empowered water. The goal is to share your creativity, new thoughts, ideas and problem solving with others.

Jade is the stone of reconciliation, tolerance, care and help. Chalcedony is the stone of communication, listening, understanding, contact and creative success.

This gemstone water leads to love, compassion and benevolence which in turn leads away from pride, envy, rage, greed and phlegm of the heart.


Passion & sensuality

rock crystal, garnet, ruby zoisite

rock crystal, garnet, ruby zoisite

This natural gemstone water brings new joy into your life, frees your body and soul. Taste, touch, indulge and merge with this crystal water.

Rock crystal sharpens the senses, enhances vitality and energy. Garnet leads to passion and removes tension and connects body and mind in a breathtaking union. The ruby is the stone of love, it enhances our mental and physical strength and floods us from top to toes. Blood-red ruby, dark read garnet and clear rock crystal blend to a unique drinking experience.

This gemstone mix conveys passion, sensuality, tenderness and unrestrained devotion. A gift for all that know to use the fountain of youth for a more sensual life. Prickling, intense, lively and decelerate. As a kick for young people and a push for people who stayed young at mind.


Diamond blend

rock crystal, row diamond

rock crystal, row diamond

For centuries the diamond is valued in almost all cultures as the purest, hardest and most precious gemstone with the strongest healing powers for all areas. As the holy stone, symbol of the sun, carrier of luck, wealth and success it brings a lively glow for our future.

Together with rock crystal the effect of this unique GemVital gemstone water is strengthened.

You drink this energetic effect with confidence, composure and strength of will. You feel physically strengthened and enlightened with this gemstone blend of eternity. A strong, distinct and pleasant enjoyment as well as a unique taste experience.


General legal note about effect of gemstones and healing stones.

All information about the effect of gemstones as healing stones were put together to the best of our knowledge. It is based on experience (e.g. Hildegard v. Bingen) and traditions. For many effects there is no scientific prove or medical acceptance. They also can’t replace medical council or help through academic medicine. Therefore you should and must seek medical help when you are ill.

All given tips and information are carefully collected contributions about the subject and are not an instruction for therapy or diagnose by a medical professional.