Felke GemVital Gemstone Water


High quality gemstones vitalizes – drink it daily
Genuine gemstone water – health for body and mind


– Water - simply irreplaceable –
Most of our body is water. With newborns it is 75 – 80 % of their body weight, with adults it is 60 % and with elderlies 50%. With this there is already much said about the importance of water. So don't forget to drink water regularly and abundantly. Preferably Felke GemVital gemstone water.

Without water there is no life and without drinking we cannot keep up our body functions and survive. 72 % of our planet's surface is water 2,5 % is fresh water but only 0,3% is drinking water – often contaminated and without positive effect.

Once our healing water, spring water, table water or tab water was rain falling from the sky. It seeped into the ground, was filtered and cleaned by multiple rock formations that gave it its distinctive and individual taste. Soil and rock infuses it with natural properties. We use this natural phenomenon in our Felke GemVital Gemstone vial.

High quality gemstones vitalize directly effectively and naturally.

The animating power of gemstones on water was already known in antiquity. As a pioneer of alternative medicine Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) used the healing power of many gemstones for drinking water and paved the road for a successful advancement in this field.
In the wake of this advancement we spent the last five years developing our GemVital Gemstone vial. We cannot confine stones.

Vitalizing gemstones and water are now in direct contact. This is natural and effective just like water and stone has been in contact for millions of years. With GemVital you are drinking animating, vitalizing, genuine, high quality gemstone water.

Direct genuine gemstone water with the GemVital Gemstone flagon.

The GemVital gemstone staffs are mouth-blown from pure high quality glass. Through the long inclined neck the gemstones slide easily into the glass globe. With careful shaking they slide out just as easily. The gemstones are in direct contact with the water through three holes at the bottom of the glass globe in interaction with the openings at the crest on top of the glass globe.
The fascination of this lively water can be seen and heard. After 10 minutes, 2 hours at most, the gemstone water is sufficiently and powerfully vitalized. Dipping the staff in and out intensified the impact.
After use the gemstones can be easily cleaned with running water through the neck of the staff. To change, unload, thoroughly clean or recharge the gemstones, carefully shake them out through the neck. The staff too needs to be cleaned after elongated use, preferable with biological rinsing agent..
The Felke GemVital gemstone vial combines practical design and intensive effect – direct, animating, natural, energetic, vitalizing and unique.
Drink gemstone water for a long vital and healthy life.

Natureland - Dietrich Felke - Greding Altmühltal

GemVital Gemstone Blends

Youth (red jasper, sodalite, agate, aventurine quartz, orange calcite)
Optimism (Red chalcedony, moss agate)
Happy moments (green opal, rock crystal)
Regeneration (Emerald, rock crystal)
Water pleasure (Coral, sodalite, rock crystal)
Confidence & balance (orange agate, jade)
Inspiration (lapis lazuli, love arrows, rock crystal)
Slim & flexible (magnesite, rock crystal, red jasper)
Gratefulness & contentment (snowflake obsidian, fluorite)
5-element blend (rose quartz, amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, ocean jaspe)
Skin care (aventurine quartz, amethyst, rock crystal)
Developing energy (sun stone, chalcedony, moss agate)
Vital basic blend (rock crystal, rose quartz, amethyst)
Starting the day (rock crystal, citrine, jade)
Harmony (rose quartz, rock crystal)
Wellness & inner clarity (aquamarine, rock crystal, topaz)
Serenity and forgiveness (dumortierte, rodonite)
Care & communication (jade, chalcedony)
Passion & sensuality (rock crystal, garnet, ruby zoisite)
Diamond blend (rock crystal, row diamond)

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Pastor Emanuel Felke

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General legal note about effect of gemstones and healing stones.

All information about the effect of gemstones as healing stones were put together to the best of our knowledge. It is based on experience (e.g. Hildegard v. Bingen) and traditions. For many effects there is no scientific prove or medical acceptance. They also can’t replace medical council or help through academic medicine. Therefore you should and must seek medical help when you are ill.

All given tips and information are carefully collected contributions about the subject and are not an instruction for therapy or diagnose by a medical professional.